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A Regulatory Tsunami Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

Compliance will be an increasingly challenging business issue in 2019. Consider the 'Office of Compliance' that Xerox already has to deal with the complexity.

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Federal Regulators Are Blocking the Cannabis Boom but Congress Keeps Them In the Way

The Federal Reserve and FDA want Congress to clarify how to regulate a product that, strictly speaking, is prohibited.

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Google must be broken up due to its 'overwhelming' power, News Corp says

from Twitter

March 12, 2019 at 08:35AM

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How Churn Destroys Businesses, and How to Stop It at Yours

Without knowing why your customers are churning, you'll have no way to create a strategy around retention

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Why you should consider hiring laid-off employees

Recruiters are predisposed to hiring passive candidates, and they often miss out on a valuable pool of talent.

Akin to dating scenarios, we often want to land what is more challenging to acquire–what someone else has. And as such, poaching candidates from other companies is appealing to recruiters.…

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